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 Spellbook of Frozen Flames (Necro Sickle)

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PostSubject: Spellbook of Frozen Flames (Necro Sickle)   Thu Jun 23, 2011 10:05 pm

1.Demorus Sword
2.Blazing Shield
3.Hakusunutakish Requiem
4.Hell Visor
5.Dark Transfusion
6.Angelic Madness
7.Final Move (Death Move Section)

"Hakusunutakish Requiem : Incinerating Field"
"Hakusunutakish Requiem : Dark Bane of the Ancients (Portmanteau Move)
"Hakusunutakish Requiem : Blazing Hell"


"Hell Visor : Combustion of Darkness
"Hell Visor : Dark Flame"
"Hell Visor : Summon"


"Dark Transfusion : Mind Switch"
"Dark Transfusion : Shadow Bind"


"Angelic Madness : Sign of the Devil"
"Angelic Madness : Legacy"
"Angelic Madness : Lunacy of Sickles"


"Final Move : Instant Hell"
"Final Move : No Dodge"
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Spellbook of Frozen Flames (Necro Sickle)
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